, you will not do them while hypnotized. Most people never go into a sleep-like trance during hypnosis, and nothing can be "planted" into your mind; no subliminal messages, no instructions to rob a bank or kill someone, nothing, because - again - you always maintain control. viagra without a doctor prescription viagra without a doctor prescription viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra online buy viagra cheap viagra cheap viagra online cheap viagra without prescription buy viagra buy cheap viagra  if a hypnotist were to suggest such a thing, you would (1) hear them (2) probably come right out of hypnosis (3) your mind would disregard it if it wasn't characteristic of you. You can check here for the question about hypnosis and religion.  my personal belief on that is that we would not have been given such a capable, amazing mind if we were not supposed to use and explore it. Are there people who can't be hypnotized? Hypnosis is a natural state that we experience over and over in our lives.  if you have ever spaced out while driving and gone right by your turn or exit, you were in a hypnotic state of mind.  your mind was focused internally - on a memory, or something that might happen in the future - maybe thinking about a conversation you just had, or planning one you were going to have.  sometimes we get a whiff of something and it instantly reminds us of our childhood, or maybe of someone else.  that, too, is a hypnotic state of mind. It has been said, however, that people with an i. Q. Of 70 or below, or someone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs could not be hypnotized.  the same would be true for someone with an active psychosis.  if you do not fall into one of these categories, chances are high that you can be - and have been - hypnotized. What does hypnosis feel like? Once you relax physically so that you are deeply comfortable, hypnosis feels a lot like daydreaming.  it is important to understand that everyone is different, and every session you have is different. There is no right or wrong way to engage in hypnosis. It can feel like you are asleep; it can feel like your mind is wandering; you may hear part of what i say, or all of what i say; you may feel as if you can't move, and you really don't want to be bothered with it; you may just feel a little relaxed yet perfectly clear-headed; some people say they experience tingling sensations in hands or feet; some say it feels like their arm or leg went to sleep. A lot of people report seeing colors. You may have one session where you feel deeply.

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